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Can I GET any hotter?
Cats enjoy wood stove
Cats say grace before dinner
Come play???
Dexter and Brodie at Beddis Beach
Dexter and Happy at Salt Spring Vineyard
Dexter being coaxed
Dexter Big Nose
Dexter Big Nose 2
Dexter catches 1
Dexter Chews Grass
Dexter Digger 1
Dexter Digger 2
Dexter eats fresh turnip
Dexter exhausted
Dexter on holiday in Tofino
Dexter plays tug with Flying Squirrel
Double D
Now, my theory of the financial system goes like this...
Starsky & Yoda in Love
Starsky & Yoda in Love 2
Starsky chillin'
That's TOO funny!